7-Head Boring Machine
  6-Head Boring Machine
  5-Head Boring Machine
  4-Head Boring Machine
  3-Head Boring Machine
  2-Head Boring Machine
  Single Head Boring Machine
  Multi Head Multi Spindle Boring Machine
  Multi Spindle Drilling and Milling Machine
  Multi Head Hinge Boring Machine
  Vertical Multi Spindle Boring Machine
  Edge Bander
  Siding Table Saw
  8-Head Boring Machine
  14-Head Boring Machine
  CNC boring machine

Marketing network 

To be one of the biggest manufacturers of woodworking Drilling Machine!

Ente Company subdivides the market according to the modern marketing idea, and divides the market channel according to the region for the dealer to standard the market further.

In domestic market, Ente has established a perfect marketing system including sales, customer services, market information feedback, analysis, the decision-making and so on.

Ente has started to establish the international marketing network.  Ente uses what has learned to develop new products.  The products are in the leading position in domestic market.

Ente protects the dealersí» benefit in two ways, channel protection and region protection, to guarantee the dealers to get as much profit as possible. 

In developing market channel, Ente helps the dealers to enter into the big machinery market and the building materials supermarket by taking advantages of her scale superiority.

We cannot make the customers rich, but they can get richer by the profitable products made by us.

Do our best to make the customer be affected!

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